What are Templates? How do we add Templates in our page/posts?

Templates are in built section which can be easily added on page/posts. You can also create your own templates and add sections accordingly for future use. With the help of templates, you can easily add pre-built sections to your page in few clicks.

Gutenify offers different templates. Here are steps to add templates our in built templates:

Example for adding templates

Templates can be added very easily, here are the step to add our inbuilt templates to your website

  • Install and Activate Gutenify
  • Click on any page or post you want to add templates
  • On top you will find Add Template, you will see lists of templates
  • You will see Blocks, Pages and My Template section there
  • If you click Block, you will see Templates such as Pricing Table, Services, Team and so on, please see the image for more
  • If you click Pages, you will see template which will set your whole page you can edit the content of this page too
  • If you click My Templates, you will see the templates you created by using our block templates. We will discuss about the custom template in our next topic
  • You will simply have to click on the template that matches your business and edit the content add/remove images, edit colors, spacing from setting on left side
  • Finally click on Publish to save the changes