• Minimalistic Design Education WordPress Theme – Gutenify University

    Looking for a Clean, Minimalistic, Easy to use theme with plethora of options, well you have landed into the right place. We present to you – Gutenify University. Gutenify University is built with a simple purpose, i.e. to provide an exceptionally easy website building scheme for our users associated with Education sector. Utilizing the Full […]

  • Introducing Our First WordPress Theme – Hello Gutenify

    After a lot of research, persistence and a lot of work hours, we finally bring to you our first WordPress Theme Hello Gutenify. With the release of WordPress 5.9, WordPress transitioned itself to to full site editing(FSE). Full site editing is a set of new WordPress features: Block themes, template editing, site blocks, and global styles. Everything you see […]

  • What are Template Kits and how to use them

    Guntenify has pre-build templates kits for your site which will create a certain structure for your website. To use our template kits you will have to import our pre-build templates, after that you will get set of sample pages that can be easily edited by using default WordPress block editor. Before applying kit you to […]

  • Introduction to Templates

    Templates are in built section offered by Gutenify Plugins. Templates can be can be easily added on page/posts or you can also create your own templates too and add sections accordingly. There are different templates offered by Gutenify such as Pricing Table, Services, Team, Slider, Gallery Slider, Buttons, Star Rating and so on. You can […]

  • Gutenify Block Blog

    Introduction to Blocks, Advanced Blocks from Gutenify

    Blocks are just components for adding content in the new WordPress block editor. There are many different block types available for you to use. WordPress core has multiple basic blocks. But are those blocks enough? We Introduce Gutenify Blocks. Gutenify is a free plugin that offers multiple advanced blocks that are different from WordPress core blocks. […]