Adding Blocks

Go to this link to know about adding blocks in your theme

How to add Blocks in your theme using Gutenify? #

Gutenify Plugin allows you to add our blocks in your page or post. Here are the steps how you add it:

Step 1: Install and activate plugin

Step 2: Click on the Page or Post the place where you want to add Gutenify Blocks

Step 3: In Page/Post click on “+” sign, there you will find default blocks option along with Gutenify’s options. Gutenify’s option is highlighted by Blue color

Step4: Click on the blocks you want to add in your Page/Post, Click on “Browse All” to see all the blocks and scroll all the way down

Example of creating block

Step 5: Select the block you want to add and edit accordingly

Step 6: Finally, click publish to save