Blocks we offer

  1. Gallery Carousel:
    Gallery Carousel block is used to create beautiful galleries’ in just few clicks. If you are looking to create a portfolio of you works gallery carousel is a great option, it shows your gallery in slider. Here you can find options like columns up to 3, slider space, button options, background color, border color, border thickness and other advanced options
  2. Team:
    Team is another useful option to introduce your team members. You can add picture, name, position and introduction of you team member and their social media links. You can edit blocks in Styles: Default, Rounded, Borders and Frame, Image Settings: Alt Text, Advanced option for Padding, Margin, HTML Anchor, Additional CSS
  3. Map:
    Map is a very handy option, you can add your business location just by entering a location or address to drop a pin on a Google map, which will be very convenient for your visitors.
  4. Testimonials
    Gutenify offers to add testimonials in your website. Testimonials is a great marketing technique to establish trust with your products or services. Adding testimonial section helps to verify your credibility by showing that real people have had a positive experience with your business. You can share positive feedback of you customer add their photo, edit layout, image dimension, text color, background color of each section.
  5. Post Carousel:
    Post Carousel is another great option offered by Gutenify. Showcase your Posts in pretty carousel mode using Post Carousel Block. . You can add columns up to 3, filter orders like A to Z, Z to A, Newest to Oldest or Oldest to newest. Tinker with different settings to achieve unique look.
  6. Services:
    Services option in Gutenify can be used to show service you offer to your audience. You can customize this section with different settings like Icon Option, Button Options, Text Color, Background Color, Border Color, Border thickness and much more options to make it unique.
  7. Buttons:
    Buttons is another exiting option offered by Gutenify, using buttons you can add you own unique looking button in your site. Here you can find option for colors, typography, advance option like padding, margins. Customized as desired and add links to your button or add link of page or post you want to redirect.
  8. Section Title:
    Section Title option in Gutenify can be used to create customized section title. You will get 3 title options with many customizable features like Prefix title tag, Title Tag, Suffix Title Tag enable/disable title, color option, Advanced option like padding margin. Additionally you can add you own Additional CSS.
  9. Star Rating:
    Star Rating option can be used to show rating or review for certain product or service, it will make positive impact towards customers. You can add rating under testimonials too. There are many flexible options like layout, colors border, dimension, padding, block spacing, Additional CSS.
  10. Info Box:
    Info Box is another option offered by Gutenify, you can add any sort of information along with the picture and description. It also have many flexible customizable features like color, typography, Additional CSS.
  11. FAQs:
    Many websites offer some type of FAQ page, which is a collection of all frequently asked questions about a particular good, service, or company. It is widely used by customer service professionals to help unload some of the common questions that keep coming up.