How to download Gutenify Pro?

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First of all thank you for purchasing Gutenify Pro.

There are multiple ways to download Gutenify Pro.

Method 1: #

First and easy way is through email. Once you purchase Gutenify Pro you will get an email confirmation about your purchase. One of your email would look like following:

If you check description then there are few steps shown to complete your setup. In number 2 you will see a download like for zip from where you can download Gutenify Pro zip.

In number 4 you will see a key which is a license key, this key is required to activate the plugin later in setup process.

Method 2: #

Second method is to login to your dashboard from this link. You need to use email address and password to login. Use same email address you used to purchase the product. If you forget password then you can reset it from “Forget your password?” link. For further steps please check following video.