Post List

Introduction #

Keep your information organized in a list if you need to present numerous blog posts or other items on one page. Users will find the stuff they need by using an attractive list of several posts.

How to add the post list block? #

So, to add the post list block into your website just go to the WordPress dashboard menu >> Posts >> Add New.

Note: Select the post or pages where you want to add post list block.

Now, find it with the name in the search option and click on it to add.

After adding the post list, now you have the option to edit post list in the right sidebar.


You have options of:

  • Content
  • Style

Content Tab #

In the content option, you have multiple layouts  to apply.

Then you have multiple categories and date to arrange your post in decending or accending order.

Next, we have the number of items/post, columns, and show read more link..

As you can see below in the image i applied 3 cloumns, with 3 posts to show.

Style Tab #

Next in the style tab, go ahead and click on the background color and border color if you want to apply.

Next, you have best options to edit and make your post list perfect by setting the border width, radius, thumbnail height, shadow and padding.

When you’re satisfied with your post list block, click “Publish”. Simply repeat the same procedure to add more post list block into your posts or pages. 

Here is the final output after editing: