Add or Change Site Fonts

How to add or change Font in your page or post using Gutenify? #

Gutenify Plugin allows you to add font in your page or post. Here are the steps how you ammend it:

Step 1: Install and activate Gutenify plugin.

Step 2: Click on the Page or Post where you want to add Fonts. Select the font family under typography setting of blocks and you will see the following interface where you can select the font of your choice.

To add more fonts in this section, go to the admin dashboard and Click on the Gutenify setting.

Step 3: Click on the Design section. Under typography you will see the site fonts. Select multiple desire site Fonts and save the setting.

Step 4: Saved site fonts are available on editor site Page or Post at font family.

Step 6: Finally, You can select your required font in your Page or Post and simply, click publish to save.

As a reference we have used Hurricane font-family. Now if you view the page in frontend the output is shown as below: