General Questions

Is Gutenify open source? #

Gutenify is and always will continue to be an open source project. Gutenify is released under license GPL v3. More info:

Do you take feature requests? #

We only take feature requests from users using Pro version of the plugin. Although the feature implementation is not absolute, the implementation will depend on the feasibility of the feature technically and the scope of the feature. Our technical team will have the final say on the feature being implemented or not.

Does Gutenify has Pro version? #

Gutenify has a Pro version Gutenify Pro. Pro version will provide you with many advantages in support as well as Templating and Template Kits.

What does a License get me? #

A Pro subscription includes a Gutenify license which gets you the following…

Perpetual Use of Gutenify Pro: You can use the plugin for as long as you like. Even after the subscription expires, you can continue using the plugin without updates. However, this is not recommended as we send new features and security updates via plugin updates.

A year’s subscription to all of services and features: This includes Templates, Template Kits, extra blocks and any other services we add.

A year of updates to Gutenify Pro itself. You get the latest versions and updates to all our features including blocks, templates and template kits.

Priority Support. Tickets from Pro plugin users will be answered first before free plugin users. For more detailed info, check our support policy.

What can’t I do with a Pro License? #

In short, we’d strongly discourage you from doing the following:

  • Sharing your license number/info with anyone who is not covered specifically by your license’s details (e.g. people not at your company)
  • Sharing your account information/access with anyone who is not covered specifically by your license’s details
  • Being rude, offensive, or disruptive to the Gutenify community and support team

Any cases of the above may result in account suspension, loss of access to Gutenify Pro assets, and/or legal action. If there’s something you want to do with Gutenify that you’re not sure is cool, contact us. We’d rather talk than triage trouble.

What happens if I cancel or don’t renew my subscription? #

When your subscription ends, you’ll have a perpetual license to use Gutenify Pro for the latest version while your subscription was active. Just sign in to your account to download. However, you will lose access to new blocks, pro template kits and pro templates, plugin updates and priority support.

Do I need to renew my subscription to receive fixes? #

Yes. We can only send fixes like features and security update patches via updates.