Introduction to Blocks, Advanced Blocks from Gutenify

Gutenify Block Blog

Blocks are just components for adding content in the new WordPress block editor. There are many different block types available for you to use. WordPress core has multiple basic blocks. But are those blocks enough? We Introduce Gutenify Blocks. Gutenify is a free plugin that offers multiple advanced blocks that are different from WordPress core blocks.

In this article, we will be discussing about different blocks provided by Gutenify plugin. For basics on adding Gutenify blocks to your page/post, you can check our tutorial here.

Gutenify currently offers 15 advanced blocks with each block offering unique functionality. All Gutenify blocks are fully compliant with WordPress block editor. Each block provides lot of intuitive options and functionality to boost your website. Here are few major blocks:


Slider Block can be used to showcase beautiful slider on your homepage or any other pages/posts. Main advantage of slider block is the ability to add any block element as slider element , so you can have almost any type of element as slider, making slider designs virtually limitless.

Currently you will only be able to view the slider contents after addition in front end due to limitations of the Block Editor. We are working on this and will be moving towards fixing it in future versions. Slider Block has following options:

  • Columns: Control number of columns in slider 1, 2 and 3
  • Slider Space: Controls the space between slider, esp. when columns are more than 1
  • Navigation: Enable/Disable slider navigation arrows
  • Pagination: Enable/ Disable slider Pagination


Showcase your brilliant team behind the success of your organization using Team Block. Let everyone know how your team comes together to achieve a common goal. You can add picture, name, position and small intro of you team members and their social media links.

Team block offers following options:

  • Columns: Control once column or two column team display
  • Templates: Select different layout for your team style
  • Options to set images, titles, team intro, social media links, etc on the block itself
  • Additional styling options in style tab in Block Setting


Use Map Block to add your location, your event location or any other location you want to show to your users. Map block utilizes Google Maps. Map block has very handy option where you can add your business location just by entering a location or address to drop a pin on a Google map. This will be very convenient for your visitors. Options for Map block are:

  • Height: Control height of the displayed map
  • Zoom level: Control how much to zoom into the map
  • Language: Set map language according to your need

Post Carousel

Showcase your Posts in pretty carousel mode using Post Carousel Block. You can tinker with different settings provided by this block to achieve unique look.

Post Carousel provides following different options:

  • Layout: Select from three different layouts
  • Order: from Newest to oldest, A -> Z and vice versa
  • Categories: Show only posts from certain categories
  • Number of items: Control number of items to be show
  • Slider Columns: Control number of items to show at once
  • Styling options: Offers Wrapper and post styling options from background color, border color, width, options on hover, and a lot more.

With these combination of options, you can create any featured content that highlights your posts or categories.


Services Block in Gutenify can be used to show services you offer to your audience. You can customize this section with different settings like:

  • Content: Select layout from three different layouts
  • Templates: Layout 1, Layout 2 and Layout 3
  • Styling options: Color, Background color, Border Color, Border Width, Border Radius


Testimonials is a great marketing technique to establish trust with your products or services. Adding testimonial section helps to verify your credibility by showing that real people have had a positive experience with your business.

You can share positive feedback of you customer add their photo, edit layout, image dimension, text color, background color of each section.

Here are list of customizable section you get in testimonial section:

  • Columns : 1 columns to 4Columns
  • Template: Layout 1, Layout 2 and Layout 3
  • Testimonial style : Normal or Hover
    • Color Background color
    • Hover Color
    • Border Color
    • Border Width
    • Border Radius
  • Additional CSS: for more flexible customization

Star Rating

Star Rating option can be used to show rating or review of certain product or service you provide. This option will help to build trust among customers towards your business. There are many flexible options under Star Rating such as:

  • Layout
  • Colors
  • Dimension
  • Block spacing such as Margin / Padding
  • Additional CSS

Info Box

Info Box is another option offered by Gutenify, you can add any sort of information along with the picture and description. It also have many flexible customizable features like:

  • Colors for different sections
  • Typography
  • Additional CSS


FAQ Section can be used to add general information about your business. You can add heading or topic and the description of particular heading in the content section.


Buttons is another exiting option offered by Gutenify, using buttons you can add you own unique looking button in your page and post. Here you get in Button Block:

  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Advance option like padding, margin
  • Add desired links to your button which redirect you to the added page or post or any website

Section Title

Section Title option in Gutenify can be used to create customized section title for your content. You will get 3 title options with many customizable features like:

  • Prefix title tag, Title Tag, Suffix Title Tag enable/disable title
  • Color option
  • Advanced option like padding margin
  • Additional CSS: for more flexible customization