Introduction to Templates

Templates are in built section offered by Gutenify Plugins. Templates can be can be easily added on page/posts or you can also create your own templates too and add sections accordingly. There are different templates offered by Gutenify such as Pricing Table, Services, Team, Slider, Gallery Slider, Buttons, Star Rating and so on. You can easily add template in any part of you website and change its contents and images according to your need.

We have Template Browser block which helps to see the list of inbuilt templates. You can add template in your desired page/post or certain part of you website.

Templates can be added very easily, here are the step to add our inbuilt templates to your website

  • Install and Activate Gutenify
  • Click on any page or post you want to add templates
  • On top you will find Add Template, you will see lists of templates
  • You will see Blocks, Pages and My Template section there
  • If you click Block, you will see Templates such as Pricing Table, Services, Team and so on, please see the image for more
  • If you click Pages, you will see template which will set your whole page you can edit the content of this page too
  • If you click My Templates, you will see the templates you created by using our block templates. We will discuss about the custom template in our next topic
  • You will simply have to click on the template that matches your business and edit the content add/remove images, edit colors, spacing from setting on left side
  • Finally click on Publish to save the changes